*See policy page for paperwork requirements*

Our multi-faceted equine facility consists of:
•     75’x120’ indoor arena attached to the barn
•     A heated and well-ventilated indoor barn
•     60’x80’ outdoor arena located immediately outside the barn
                    (provides turnout space for horses that do not require indoor stalling)
•    Large, flat area to accommodate long trailers

Barn features include:
•    Eight 12’x12’ Behlen horse stalls
➢    The flooring within each stall consists of stall mats over layers of gravel, sand, bridge plank, and woodchips to ensure comfortable footing for the horses
➢    Each stall is equipped with a bucket for water
➢     Hay/grain feeders installed in the doors
➢     Wall-mounted electric fan
➢     12’x12’ enclosed tack room
➢    12’x12’ wash rack with both hot and cold water.